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Introduction To TensorFlow By Google

Google is undoubtedly one of the pioneer leaders in the global tech industry. Google spends literally several billions of dollars on its research centres where several advanced software tools & applications would be continuously developed. Google is considered as the technology hub for the leading future innovations. Smart digital assistants or streaming platforms, music tool Google has got everything. Work towards becoming a skilled industry ready expert in AI by joining for the leading AI Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Just like in any other technology or software systems Google is researching extensively on Artificial Intelligence to develop smart applications & to become a early leader in this industry. In this post we will be discussing about the TensorFlow developed by Google.

For Developers

Google has always been a prime deliver of the best solutions for the developers’ community.

TensorFlow (TF)-

TensorFlow is one of the uprising tools in the AI that is disrupting many industries. To design & maintain complex Machine Learning systems, having intense knowledge of TensorFlow would be very crucial. TensorFlow is an open source tool which was earlier developed for the applications of speech recognition & with the recent advancements it has become the integral part of the AI community in product development.

The prime benefits of using TensorFlow are:

  • Robust and independent ML production
  • Research powers for the experimental purposes
  • Simple and high-level layers for a model creating

If you are an AI career enthusiast then gaining expertise in TensorFlow is very crucial. Being open source in nature & with frequent updates TensorFlow has been successful in building a wide user community all around the world. 

Python is the most extensively used programming language for TensorFlow. In addition to Python, TensorFlow also supports several other programming languages, but the basic one is Python. TesnorFlow makes use of advanced packages in Python & C++ It also makes use of advanced algorithms in Machine Learning in most of its applications & the best example being Keras and all it’s distributives.

Build real-world expertise in handling TesnsorFlow & its advanced applications with experts training in guidance by joining for the Kelly Technologies best AI training.

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