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Insights About Amazon Web Services & Its Origin

The prominence of cloud computing services in the present world of Big Data must be clearly known to everyone. Amazon Web Services, an elite cloud computing service provider has now become the undisputed global leader in the cloud computing industry. The cloud services that are offered by AWS are not just highly secured but are also low cost & scalable services. Over a short span of time, AWS has been highly successful in gathering a huge client base all over the world from developing start-ups, major enterprise to principal government interventions.

By subscribing to the computing services in AWS, enterprises can now reduce their server maintenance costs, develop products faster over the cloud and modernizing quickly. Amazon Web Services is developed with a combination IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings.

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Origin Of Amazon Web Services

The leading E-Commerce giant Amazon has ventured into the field of delivering IT services in the technology of the cloud back in the year 2002. Before the advent of AWS, both enterprises & users used to spend large amount of their investments on setting up & managing servers and other IT infrastructure. With the advent of Amazon Web Services, users no longer need to rely on maintaining servers for their business needs as everything will get managed by virtual servers.

With the use of AWS, users will be paying only for the service which they use over a particular period of time. The best thing about using AWS is that its virtual servers showcases scalability feature that help in deliver the results faster. Amazon Web Services offer more than thousand different cloud services & among these services the prominent ones include security, analytics, development tools, databases, storage, networking, migration, and enterprise applications.

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