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Different Storage Classes Of Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services is an undisputed leader in the global cloud computing industry. AWS occupies over 32 percent of the world’s public cloud share & its services have got extended to more than 190 countries. The cloud services offered by AWS are best known for their lost cost, scalable & secured cloud infrastructure features.

Speaking of AWS, the most extensively used cloud storage type here is Amazon S3. Simple Storage Service (S3) is trusted as the most secured & reliable cloud storage type. Using S3 service, we can easily access & retrieve the stored files from anywhere around the world using Internet. Build real-world hands-on expertise in working on the applications involving AWS & get transformed into job-ready cloud experts with our intense hands-on AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s look at different storage classes of Amazon S3.

  • S3 Standard For Frequent Data Access

This storage class is used for data that low latency. This storage type is used to retrieve frequently accessed data.

  • S3 Standard For Infrequent Data Access

This storage type can be used for data that is accessed infrequently & that needs to be retrieved frequently.

  • Amazon Glacier

This type of data storage is used in the case where data is archived, doesn’t required any high performance.

  • One Zone-IA Storage Class

This type of data storage class is used on the data that is infrequently accessed and stored in a single region.

  • S3 Standard Reduced Redundancy Storage

This storage type is used for storing non-critical data types.

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