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Important Job Roles in Data Science Industry Today

The unprecedented growth in the data usage has presented a number of problems that have been effectively handled by Data Science. We can consider Data Science as a formidable field that can extract solution to any data related problem. In the current state of pandemic, we are consuming and producing data at an enormous rate and this is leading to a surge in the demand for the Data Science experts. The global IT, Corporate industry is been continuously hiring Data Science talent for various job roles.

Now, let’s look at the list of the most prominent Data Science job roles that are currently on the trend.

  • Data Scientist

Data Scientist is the hottest Data Science job role in demand and is considered as the ‘Sexiest Job of the 21st century’. These professionals are very much capable of identifying the complex challenges of business and convert them into a data related problem and then they would be using their data analytical skills to come up with accurate solutions for the problem.

These professionals need to have multidisciplinary skills and should perform Exploratory Data Analysis and you can develop these skills with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program. They should also be having skills to develop a complex Machine Learning model based on set objectives with the minimum possible error rate.

An experienced Data Scientist can expect a pay scale of Rs.18,27,036 per annum.

  • Data Analyst

These professionals usually deal with the task of developing, implementing, and maintaining analytic systems. These professionals are skilled to perform statistical analysis and build predictive models. As a part of their job role, these professionals need to work closely with cross functioning teams of the organization to understand their data needs. They need to assist Data Scientists towards achieving the desired objectives.

An experienced Data Analyst can expect a pay scale of Rs.8,52,516 per annum.

  • Business Analyst

These professionals are very much responsible to assist stakeholders to make accurate business decisions. Business Analysts tend to have a clear understanding of the data industry. They help enterprises in identifying right target customers and are also responsible to develop smart business plans.

An experienced Business Analyst can expect a pay scale of Rs.11,89,684 per annum.

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