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What are the Eligible Requirements to get Started in Data Science?

Many companies across the IT, Software, Business and across several industries have started relying on Data Science as a part of their business development strategies. Data Science helps businesses to stay competitive by enabling them make data-driven strategically accurate business decisions. According to a recent report by New Vantage more than 97.2% of organizations have started investing on Big Data and Data Science.  US Bureau of Labor Statistics have stated that by the end of 2026, Data Science job opportunities are expected to increase by 27.9% and this is evident from the fact that more than 463 exabytes of data is being generated by every single day during this lockdown phase imposed as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Data Science Course Eligibility:

One of the most common misconceptions that people have about Data Science is that only education requirements computer under the eligibility criteria to learn Data Science. However, education is just one among the multiple basic requirements to get started with a career in Data Science. Apart from educational requirements, considering knowledge in various data analysis tools, different skills, and one must also consider time commitment.

Now, let us consider Data Science Training in Hyderabad course eligibility requirements.

  • Degree

As Data Science is interdisciplinary in nature, having a degree in fields like IT, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics would benefit a career in Data Science.  If you are having a master’s or Ph.D. degree in any of these fields then there’s no looking back in your Data Science career.

  • Math and Statistics

Having subject expertise in Mathematical and Statistical concepts are very crucial requirements to get started with a career in Data Science. Statistical concepts like Probability, Regression, Variability, Calculus etc. are extensively used in Data Science and so having knowledge in this concepts is critical.

  • Programming

Having knowledge of Programming languages like Python or R is also a basic requirement to learn Data Science.

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