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How Monitoring Supports DevOps Operations

Monitoring is a crucial step in the enterprises’ application/software development process. By releasing the product to the market, enterprises’ need to carefully monitor their performance deviations, availability issues, and identify the bugs to ensure the success of the product in the market. Typically, as a part of the software delivery process, once the product moves out of the development stage, it is tested for bugs and performance problems, still due to varied reasons, few issues get unnoticed. This is where DevOps Proactive monitoring comes into the play.

Proactive monitoring in DevOps is the technique that helps in identifying the issues that go unnoticed by running monitors in the background while teams get busy with other new releases. Build in-depth knowledge of DevOps proactive & continuous monitoring techniques by joining for the advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program offered by Kelly Technologies.  

Now, let’s have a look at how proactive monitoring supports DevOps.

  • Collaborate

With a collaborative work approach, teams can perform monitoring tasks right from the initial stages of the development process. A number of tools are available that support the teams in the monitoring process. The process of monitoring can also be streamlined by reusing artifacts throughout the process lifecycle. This will be benefiting them in the form of optimized performance & gets the cross functional on the same page.

  • Automate

The prominence of automation in the DevOps environment isn’t new to anyone. Proactive monitoring is an automated process. These automated tools rely on feedback technique that doesn’t require much of human intervention to ensure applications are up and running as expected. As the automated monitoring process gets deployed right from the initial stage of the development process, the manual work that is needed to ensure that application is running smoothly can be directed to some other useful tasks.

  • Share

The success in the development also relies on the extent of collaboration between the teams & their ability to share information. The continuous monitoring process ensures that common data set related to the development process gets shared among the different departments. This information sharing approach ensures that the teams are clearly aware of the ongoing development processes & can optimize their performances to release the software more rapidly.

If you are curious to know more about the continuous monitoring process in DevOps, then sign up for the advanced DevOps training program offered by Kelly Technologies.

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