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How Exactly the Processes in DevOps Can Are Be Done Right?

DevOps is a new age phenomenon in the enterprises software development process that helps enterprises in achieving continuous software delivery. As a part of your DevOps adoption process, if you have successfully established new processes, adopted new tools, and formed a culture where the cross functioning teams can work collaboratively but still failing to achieve maximum velocity then there’s something that’s clearly missing. 

The main thing that’s missing in the process is the measurement of data. Measurement is one of the crucial pillar of the DevOps framework and the other pillars being Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing. Just like automation, having access to accurate data is a very crucial aspect in DevOps. Having access to precise and accurate data, it becomes possible to generate effective incident response to navigating micro services complexity & you can know about this process with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad program. 

DevOps Done Right:

  • Balancing SLO With Fast Application Delivery

While working on DevOps process, in addition to making the development cycles faster and deploying the code more frequently, you should also be setting your focus on reliability.  Enterprises must understand the fact that both Quality and Reliability are also critical aspects of a successful DevOps approach.

  • Creating a Fair and Effective On-Call Policy

While working with DevOps, enterprises needs to make sure that they are capable of dealing with the critical software issues that may arise at anytime. They must be in a position to tackle these issues in a more efficient & swift manner. For this, you need an on-call policy.

  • Responding to Incidents Effectively

Whenever the system exhibits some form of unexpected behaviour in a way that might affect customers it may be termed as an incident.  Whenever an incident occurs, everyone needs to work out a plan to solve the problem by responding efficiently and effectively.

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