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How DevOps Is Different To Traditional Development Processes?

DevOps is a major game changing factor for the enterprises that belong to the software/application development process. There are numerous strategies in DevOps that are big boon for the organizations that are working to increase productivity and improve their overall system performance levels. It enables businesses to take control of their systems without having to change the way they operate and to create a stronger future.

Differentiating Traditional Development Process & DevOps:

Traditional Development Process

Until the advent of DevOps, waterfall model was the most extensively used software/application development process. Even now, several enterprises are still relying on traditional waterfall management practices as a part of their software development strategy. The major drawback of relying on this form of traditional development approach is that at times, they can limit the growth and innovation of smaller teams. They can constrain the teams from taking advantage of new opportunities and can cause friction and inefficiencies. Thus, these enterprises would eventually become less productive & competitive.

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DevOps Development Culture-

Enterprises that embrace DevOps culture wouldn’t be finding much difficulty in building the infrastructure required to provide a healthy environment for team building and the innovation of systems engineering practices. These enterprises would be building their infrastructure as per the DevOps guidelines & principles of continuous improvement. DevOps guidelines mainly focus on deploying automated testing & monitoring environment. DevOps also emphasizes the need to build a collaborative & communicative work culture.

DevOps infrastructure also emphasizes the need to deploy automated tools and processes for managing software and ensuring its continued deployment. The automated testing & monitoring environment in DevOps ensure that deployment process is continuous and efficient. The process ensures that a product or service is always ready for use on demand. In addition, the process includes continuous improvement and verification.

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