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Insights To Data Science & The Job Responsibilities Of A Data Scientist

Data Science is the study of the process of obtaining and organizing information to make better decisions and to solve problems. It also involves statistical methods and other mathematical processes. Data Science, when applied to a specific industry, involves Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Database Management, Exploratory Data Analysis, & Data Visualization techniques to accurately interpret with Big Data & convey the results to the stake holders.

Most Amazing Uses Of Data Science Today:

Most advanced applications of Data Science in use today are

  • Internet Search
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Fraud and Risk Detection
  • Disaster Management
  • Preventing Cyber Threats
  • Advanced Image Recognition
  • Augmented Reality

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Who Are Data Scientists?

One who is skilled in Data Science will be referred as a Data Scientist. The main functional role of a Data Scientist is to analyze the data by which make strategies which helps in making improving the profit level of an organization. Data Mining, Data Exploring, Data Visualizing are some of the applications that are skilfully handled by the Data Scientists.

Roles & Responsibilities Of Data Scientists-                            

As a part of the Data Science job-roles, Data Scientists need to perform the following tasks 

  • Analyzing data and to extract the hidden insights
  • Making use of advanced analytics tools and algorithms for effective data management
  • Identifying the exact analyzing technique for better data handling and its reception
  • Working on existing data set and deploying relevant tools to collect, store and explore data in huge volumes
  • Need to actively take part in the enterprises decision making process

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