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How Big Data & Analytics Technologies Like Data Science/AI Are Connected?

In this digital world, Big Data has become the new oil that can help businesses of all types to scale & grow. Every business activity generates data of some type. By analyzing that generated as a part of their business operations, enterprises can explore new sources of revenue generation opportunities and serve their customers better.

But how exactly can this be done?

This is where analytics technologies come into the game of play. Data Science AI & Machine Learning technologies are very much capable of interpreting with large sets of Big Data. These technologies can extract not only valuable insights from Big Data but also make accurate predictions. This is why most of the enterprises are now looking to hire the best talented Data Science, AI & Machine Learning experts.

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Now let us see how analytics technologies are being used with Big Data.

  • Anomaly detection

If any anomaly isn’t detected for a dataset, then Big Data analytics can be used. Here fault detection, sensor network, eco-system distribution system health can be detected with big data technologies.

  • Making Predictions

We can accurately predict the occurrence of any event from data by using Bayes theorem. Advanced algorithms in Machine Learning are capable of predicting events by training the models with relevant data sets. This concept helps enterprises predict changes in their customers’ interests and market trends by analyzing their historical data patterns.

  • Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is a technique of Machine Learning which deals with identifying the patterns in the data. With the help of training data, the patterns can be identified and are known as supervised learning.

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