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How Automation In DevOps Triggers Production?

The prime reason that led to the exceptional rise in the demand for DevOps is that the knowledge gap between the enterprises software development & infrastructure teams is gradually diminishing. DevOps makes the cross functional teams to work together to showcase better software delivery & infrastructure results.

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Scenario Before The Advent Of DevOps:

Before the advent of DevOps, the cross functional teams in the software delivery process used to work in complete isolation. Due to soiled relations, none of the teams used to be aware of the current status of the project of the other teams although they are all working on the same project. The major problems that are obtained as a result of this approach are

  • Soiled relations between the teams
  • Poor synchronization
  • Low productive outcomes
  • Unnecessary production & management costs
  • Delayed detection of bugs & errors
  • Unreliable & delayed software updates

Challenges Accepted By DevOps-

By moving from the traditional waterfall software delivery approach to DevOps, enterprises have attained varied benefits in the form of continuous software delivery & better ROI. DevOps is well capable of handling all the major of the of waterfall process.

By embracing DevOps in the enterprises there has been a positive shift in the software development and delivery practices. This adoption has resulted in delivering various benefits while keeping at bay the potential negatives. DevOps helps enterprises with various benefits like

  • Cross functional teams work in collaboration
  • Relation between different teams are no longer soiled
  • Teams will be working together towards achieving a common goal
  • A token of “Trust” started growing between the groups
  • There will be shared responsibilities among the teams
  • Most of the software delivery processes can be streamlined
  • The efficiency the process gets improved
  • Rapid delivery of products & software updates
  • Delivering better quality of products with continuous monitoring

Looking at these phenomenal benefits of DevOps, there’s no wonder why enterprises are deploying DevOps at large. Work towards building a successful career in this trending platform by being a part of Kelly Technologies advanced DevOps training.

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