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DevOps Best Practices Which Shouldn’t Over Do

The set of continuous application updates which is emphasized by DevOps has completely transferred the in which enterprises perform their software development approach. The set of advanced DevOps practices helps the enterprises to keep up with the market trends & customers’. DevOps practices also help the enterprises to release software updates for cloud and mobile applications more frequently.

Having realized the prominence of DevOps, companies have started deploying DevOps strategies at large. However, due to lack of prior knowledge, most of the enterprises tend to take DevOps to an unproductive extreme. With the intent to deploy automation throughout their software delivery process, they link so many tools than the actual requirement which simply means that they are over-automating. Over automation is one of the reasons for why enterprises DevOps strategies fail to achieve the desired results. Likewise, there are several other reasons that contribute to failure in the enterprises DevOps model.

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Overdoing DevOps Automation-

The prime reason why enterprises fail to achieve the desired objectives with DevOps adoption is owing to their lack of understanding of waterfall versus agile methodologies. Agile is undoubtedly an ultimate productive approach, but with the intent to make their software development process agile, enterprises take it to an extreme level. These enterprises are not just overusing agile, but are also overusing their software development automation process as well.

Striking A Balance Between The Processes-

To achieve success in DevOps, enterprises should get started by getting a clear understanding of DevOps automation. Automation is all about replacing the manual processes with automated technology. If your processes are bad or flawed, then it simply makes the bad processes happen faster resulting in the failure of the processes.

Selecting the right process & automaton tools is very crucial for achieving success in the DevOps strategy. Enterprises should be identifying the right tools that best fit their software development process. Know more about the best DevOps processes by joining for Kelly Technologies DevOps training.

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