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Hadoop Interview Questions

If you have engaged yourself in preparing for Hadoop interview then we are here to help you with the process. This blog post consists of some of the most frequently asked interview questions in Hadoop. Building knowledge of these questions will surely help you during the time of your interview

  • What Do The Four V’s Of Big Data & What Do They Indicate?

The four V’s of Big Data are

a) Volume –Scale of data

b) Velocity –Analysis of streaming data

c) Variety – Different forms of data

d) Veracity –Uncertainty of data

  • Differentiate Between Structured & Unstructured Data

Structured data is written in a format which is easy for the machines to understand. Also, Structured data is easily searchable by basic algorithms. Examples include spreadsheets and data from machine sensors.

Unstructured data is more like human language. Searching it based on the old algorithms is extremely difficult & close to impossible. Examples include emails, text documents (Word docs, PDFs, etc.), social media posts, videos, audio files, and images.

  • What Are The Main Components Of A Hadoop Framework?

Hadoop employees wide range of techniques to solve the most complex business problems.

Core components of a Hadoop application are-

1) Hadoop Common


3) Hadoop MapReduce


Data Access Components are – Pig and Hive

Data Storage Component is – HBase

Data Integration Components are – Apache Flume, Sqoop, Chukwa

Data Management and Monitoring Components are – Ambari, Oozie and Zookeeper

Data Serialization Components are – Thrift and Avro

Data Intelligence Components are – Apache Mahout and Drill

  • Explain About The Indexing Process In HDFS

HDFS carries out indexing process based on the block size. HDFS stores the last part of the data that further points to the address where the next part of data chunk is stored.

  • What Are The Different Operational Commands In Hbase At Record Level And Table Level?

Record Level Operational Commands in HBase are –put, get, increment, scan and delete.

Table Level Operational Commands in HBase are-describe, list, drop, disable and scan

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