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Future of Data Science-Towards Career As A Data Scientist

Introduction To Data Scientist

Data Science has now become a major revolution in the business sector. Advanced analytics models like AI & Machine Learning, Data Science is successfully fuelling the business towards taking revolutionary leaps forward. A successful Data Scientist should posses extensive knowledge & skills in statistics, computing science and intelligence science so as to effectively tackle Big Data.

Modern Data Scientists should always be ready to tackle challenges related to artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, pattern recognition, and big data manipulation. With these sort of skills Data Scientists have emerged out becoming an interdependent resource for businesses towards achieving better decision-making, collaboration, and, ultimately, value creation.

Apart from these set of skills Data Scientists should also possess strong interpersonal & communicational problem-solving skills so as to emerge out as a dominant Data Scientist.

Essential Skills To Succeed As A Data Scientist-

Most essential skill sets that are needed to succeed in career as a Data Scientist are

  • Multi-variable Calculus and Linear Algebra Software Engineering.
  • Statistics of Data Mining.
  • Machine Learning PL such as Python, C/C, Java.
  • Knowledge of Databases such as SQL Platforms such as Hadoop.

Data Science Vs Machine Learning VS Artificial Intelligence

Both Machine Learning & AI are like advanced concepts of Data Science that have gathered a lot of attention. Accurate predictive analysis can be carried out with the integration of Data Science & ML models. Similarly there are several other concepts that are included in Data Science which are

  • Data Integration
  • Dashboards And BI
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Engineering
  • Deployment In Production Mode
  • Automated, Data-Driven Decisions

The Exclusive Rise In The Industry Demand For The Data Science Skills-

As per the recent surveys conducted across multiple job portals it has been revealed that the job title of ‘Data Scientist’ is searched the most by recruiters.  Data Science job posts remain vacant in India for about 45days on an average owing to shortage of skilled candidates.

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