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Frequently Asked AWS Interview Questions and Answers

If are keen towards taking you career ahead with AWS certifications, then here below are some of the most frequently asked interview questions on AWS. Knowledge of these questions can help to sail smoothly over the interview rounds of AWS & get you hired successfully.

Apart from knowledge of these questions, showcasing innovative & challenging projects in your resume is also very crucial to grab the attention of the recruiters.  And if you are looking for the best real-time career program of AWS where you can work on multiple capstone projects then joining us for our advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program will surely bet the ideal choice.

Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked interview questions on AWS

  • What Are The Benefits Of AWS?

AWS delivers on-demand high power & scalable computing services to the clients at very low cost. AWS services are best trusted for their security & it ensures strict users privacy. Cloud migrating to AWS is very safe & it doesn’t require any upfront maintenance cost.

  • Is Amazon S3 A Global Service?

Amazon S3 is a global service. By using S3 object storage is done with web interface. One of its major benefits is that it makes use of scalable storage infrastructure by Amazon to deliver uninterrupted services all around the world.

  • What Are The EBS Volumes?

Elastic Block Stores are in short referred to as EBS. These blocks can simply be integrated to EC2 instance types. It is capable of storing the data even if the instance isn’t working

  • Differentiate Between Block Storage And File Storage?

Block Storage operates at low level & it helps to manage the data assets of blocks.

File Storage is designed to perform its operations at a higher level and the data which gets stored in the form of files and folders are managed by it.   

  • What Are The Different Routing Policies in Amazon Route S3?
  • Latency-based
  • Weighted
  • Failover
  • Simple
  • Geolocation 
  • Explain Geo Restriction in CloudFront?

It is an advanced feature in AWS that restricts the content access to the users who are operating in specific regions. With this feature, AWS distributes the content only to specific regions.

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