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Experts Guide To Understanding Docker In DevOps

If you are working in the IT industry then you might surely have come across the container platform Docker. Docker and containers are the new approach in the IT software industry that which has revolutionized the process of software development & delivery.

What Exactly Is Docker?

Docker can be interpreted as an innovative technology in the field of DevOps. With the advent of DevOps it has become very much easy for the development teams to build, manage, and secure apps anywhere.

Explaining Docker would seem to be pretty confusing without knowing about containers. So let’s have a quick look at what exactly containers are


Container can be interpreted as a special type of process which is completely isolated from other processes. No other process can ever access containers as Containers are assigned resources.

Now, speaking of Docker, its primary features of are

  • The Docker command-line interface (CLI)
  • The Docker Engine

Until the advent of Docker, creating containers was a very critical task. Docker has made it easier to create containers by “wrapping” the complexity of the underlying OS syscalls needed to make them work. Docker’s popularity snowballed, to put it mildly

Why Is Docker So Popular?

  • Ease of use

The primary reason for the rise in the popularity of Docker is because of its ease of usability. Also, learning Docker Is very easy even for a novice. This is because of the presence of many resources available to learn how to create and manage containers. Being an open source in nature, all it takes for you to learn Docker is a computer with an operating system that supports Virtualbox, Docker for Mac/Windows, or supports containers natively, such as Linux.

  • Faster Scaling Of Systems

With containers you can perform a lot more work even if you are working on a less computing hardware. The advent of shared hardware has reduced the upfront investment costs. This will be saving a lot of money.

Better software delivery, Flexibility, Software-defined networking are among the most popular features of Docker. Get to know more about such interesting aspects of DevOps technology by enrolling for Kelly Technologies DevOps Training In Hyderabad.

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