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Distinguishing Data Science & Machine Learning

With the growing prominence for Big Data, the influence of Big Data related technologies across varied domains is increasing exponentially. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning and more have become the need of the hour for the enterprises that belong to IT, Healthcare, Business, Banking, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Automobile & several other sectors. While all these technologies are interconnected with each other, each technology has its own functioning & distinct purpose.

There are a lot of people who are having a lot of misconceptions in relation to these trending Big Data technologies. This post will give you complete insights to Data Science & Machine Learning technologies & how they are associated & differ with each other.

Data Science:

Data Science is a field that is undergoing rapid growth. It mainly deals with the process of analyzing information from large volumes of Big Data & it converts this information into actionable insights. Data Science is of great advantage for business enterprises as it helps in solving most of the modern days business problems.

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In general, the sequence of steps that are involved in the Data Science process are

  • Data Extraction
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Generation Of Actionable Insights

The use of Data Science is not limited to the field of statistics or engineering and can be applied in many areas of life. The application of Data Science can be seen across IT, Software, Business, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance & several other sectors.

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence & is relatively a new field which is still being developed and perfected. This technology aims at making machines or computer systems capable of performing tasks on their own without having the need to be explicitly programmed.

Machine Learning involves the development of algorithms or software systems which can be used for a wide range of applications. Image Recognition and Speech Recognition, Classification of images, Data Mining, Language Recognition, medical diagnosis, etc are among the popular applications of Machine Learning.

Prominence Of Machine Learning In Data Science:

The addition of Machine Leaning into Data Science is creating many wonders in the field of Big Data analysis. With knowledge of Machine Learning & its algorithms, Data Scientists are now able to dive deep into the data to obtain the accurate results.

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