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List Of Essential Cloud Services Offered By AWS

Amazon Web Services can be interpreted as an advanced platform in the field of cloud computing that provides a rich collection of tools and resources to help enterprises create, deploy, manage, and maintain their cloud services. In addition to these tools, Amazon also offers many APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With the help of these tools, AWS helps the enterprises to develop & manage their applications at scale. With the help of the advanced cloud based solutions, tools & APIs offered by AWS, enterprises can automate the complex process of building and deploying the right application architecture as per the requirement.

One of the best features of AWS is that it supports users with a number of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using which connecting services, applications, and infrastructure to the rest of the network becomes a lot easier. With the help of these APIs users can achieve unified control over a single source for information. Also, through these APIs, users can communicate to the rest of the network, such as S3, the application servers, databases, storage, load balancers, and other infrastructure.

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List Of Popular Cloud Services Offered By AWS:

  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancers

With Amazon Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs), users no longer to need to strive hard to scale their applications and can effectively manage their business than ever before. Amazon Elastic Load Balancer supports dynamic load balancing in any size environment & so users can explore the benefits of large number of virtual servers or virtual machines to their full potential.

  • Amazon Enterprise Manager

Amazon Enterprise Manager, which is simply referred to as AMS, is an open source software system that manages the deployment, configuration, and operations of a wide variety of applications in the cloud.

  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

If you are constantly troubled by the inefficiencies in managing your web traffic, then AWS has got the best solution for it. With Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), that supports users with better web traffic management. These advanced web traffic management service by AWS can easily automate and streamline the process of scheduling, monitoring and auto-scaling the resource power based on the volume of traffic.

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