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Data Science In Business Analytics & The Typical Workflow Of A Data Modeling Process

The use of traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools as a part of the enterprises business intelligence strategy has become outdated long back. Using these traditional tools, we can easily process small volumes of structured Data and when it comes to processing large volumes of structured, non-structured and Semi-structured Data these tools become inefficient. So, more sophisticated, intelligent and advanced tools, processes, algorithms and systems were needed to be used for an effective Business Analytics process.

The combination of the above said tools, processes, systems and algorithms are used to study the data and thus it is called Data science. Data Science is simply an intersection of the fields of statistics, social science and computer science and design. With the help of advanced tools & data modeling algorithms, Data Science can easily process large datasets of any type & precisely explores the hidden insights, unknown patterns, & uncovers the relation between unknown correlations.

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Typical Workflow Of A Data Modeling Process-

This is how the work typically flows for data modeling process for a project in Big Data Analytics

  • Know The Requirements– Understand the requirements of the projects & the expected output
  • Setup The Environment– Presenting the analysts team with relevant tools & computing power
  • Collect & Prepare The Data– Relevant data is collected from different sources & is prepared for exploratory process.
  • Data Exploration– Data is explored & its insights are analyzed
  • Build & Train The Model– The model is built & is trained with ML algorithms
  • Deploy– The outputs from the models are tested, verified & finally deployed into production

In order to master the data exploratory models in Data Science domain it is a must to possess extensive knowledge of stats, Python & R programming, knowledge of SAS & other analytics tools. If you are curious to step into the field of Data Science in analytics, then be a part of our Kelly Technologies advanced Data Sciencetrainingprogram.

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