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DevOps Automation & Its Advantages

DevOps is a new-age software development culture that helps the enterprises to develop products or software at a rapid pace & reduce the time taken for the end products to reach the market. Automation is one of the crucial practices in DevOps that helps the enterprises in achieving their desired objectives of using DevOps. One of the primary objectives of the DevOps process is to setup an ideal environment to facilitate continuous delivery, integration, and improvement.

Enterprises that still rely on the traditional waterfall development process have to setup a new environment for every project right from the scratch which makes it a very tedious and time taking process. This is where DevOps makes a difference through automation process where releases are more frequent as testing is made as an automated process thereby enabling continuous testing. This automated approach in the testing process greatly enhances the efficiency of the system.

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The Advantage of DevOps

By deploying responsive automated testing environment in the enterprises development process it completely eliminates human error from the project lifecycle.

The major benefits of deploying DevOps in the enterprises software delivery process are

  • The process of setting up environments for new projects gets reduced from months to minutes
  • Increase productivity of business and IT teams
  • Cuts down the unnecessary costs & optimises the resources usage & capital expenditure
  • Automates the processes to achieve faster delivery
  • Enhances the overall quality & reliability of individual components
  • Helps in making the most out of the capital spent on integrating other technologies like cloud infrastructure & analytics

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