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Data Science Empowers Performance Marketing & SEM-Explained

As we all know that every activity which we carry out over the internet gets stored in the form of data. This data has become a valuable asset for modern-day marketers as it helps them empower their marketing strategies.  With the help of Artificial intelligence (AI) & Data Science models, marketers will have excellent opportunities for better customer acquisition & a faster achieving of their business goals.

In this post, let’s explain to you how Data Science is empowering performance marketing & SEM.

Data Science-The Key to Unlocking SEM Efficiency

Marketers can employ Data Science model either through a third-party platform or proprietary in-house tools, which is undoubtedly bound to enhance the efficiency of your SEM strategy.

Here’s how Data Science helps in delivering value to SEM

  • Superior Audience Targeting

It’s a known fact that whenever a user clicks on the paid search ad, it automatically generates rich information in the form of demographic, psychographic, and behavioural data.

With the application of Data, Science marketers will have a better chance to identify the make-up of their customers by which they can target these niche audiences more aggressively.

  • A Predictor of Success

As we are well aware of the fact that every single activity carried out by the users on the internet leaves behind a digital footprint. By carefully analyzing this data, marketers can attain accurate information about the wants, changing needs & interests of their customers.

By deploying Data Science predictive analysis & statistical algorithms on this data, marketers can easily predict the probability of a lead to get converted.

  • Automatically Create New Keywords

Natural Language Processing is an advanced application of Data Science which can be integrated with SEM to act as an accurate Keyword expansion tool. This enables the marketers to analyze search queries accurately, detect associated keywords & as well as helps them by suggesting semantically similar keywords.

  • Unrivalled Efficiency

As the concept of SEM is to deliver the highest ROAS at the lowest possible price at an optimal bid for the ideal CPC, Data Science can help in accurately calculating & suggesting the best quote to bid.

In this way, by making use of Data Science models, marketers will have an excellent opportunity to enhance the performance of their SEM strategies.

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