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Necessity Of Amazon Web Services For The Cloud Industry

Amazon Web Services is shortly called as AWS which is the leading provider of cloud-based solutions and operates in multiple countries in the world. It is the most secure cloud services platform that offers computer power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality to helps the business growing in a rapid manner.

AWS can easily explore millions of customers who are looking forward to leverage cloud products and optimized solutions for building up of sophisticated applications with an increment of scalability, flexibility, and reliability.

AWS has been developed by the e-commerce giants Amazon web-based company with the sole intent of delivering the most secure cloud computing application platform amid to the ongoing demand for cloud services at an affordable price.

Necessity to Amazon Web Services:

With the constantly evolving technology it is must for the IT & industry professionals to attain a better understanding of digital experience that keeps pace with innovation. Before the advent of AWS there has been dire need for the most secured cloud based application platform. So people prefer going to the option like AWS instead of making one for their own.

One of the major benefits of AWS cloud-based infrastructure is that it curbs down the excess infrastructure and maintenance cost for the organizations which is like a big boon for the newly emerging organizations & for start-ups. It offers flexible payment options which allow the organizations to pay only for those set of services which they have used which is a really good boost up for the start-up based organizations.

AWS Featured Services-

Here below is the list of featured services by Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon EC2

Elastic virtual servers in the cloud

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Scalable storage in the cloud

  • Amazon Aurora

High-performance managed relational database

  • Amazon RDS

Managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL,

  • AWS Lambda

Run code without thinking about servers

  • Amazon VPC

Isolated cloud resources

  • Amazon Lightsail

Launch and manage virtual private servers

  • Amazon SageMaker

Build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale Successful companies evolving with Amazon Web Services are:

Top Companies That Are Using AWS Services-

Seven of ten new born companies are opting for Amazon Web Servicesand incrementing in their own fields. Some of the good examples are

  • Netflix
  • Unilever
  • Adobe
  • Airbnb and so on

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