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Data Science Case Study-Netflix

Netflix is a popular video streaming platform that has got millions of customer base around the world. The advent of Netflix has transformed the outlook of the online entertainment industry. One of the primary reasons that led to the rise in the popularity of Netflix is the quality content that it delivers to its user base. However, most people aren’t aware that Data Science is also one of the primary factors contributing to the success of Netflix. 

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Now, let’s look at how Data Science contributes to the rise in the popularity of Netflix.

The Application of Data Science In Netflix-

If you are a Netflix user, then you must have observed that most of the movies or web series recommendations that you get on Netflix are mostly of your interest. Interesting isn’t? But how exactly is Netflix able to predict what its users would like to watch & come up with relevant recommendations for every individual user? Well, the answer is quite simple: it’s because of Data Science.

Netflix makes use of advanced analytics techniques in Data Science to cater to its users with accurate recommendations of their interest. For this approach, Netflix makes use of Recommender System in Data Science that analyzes the data from the users’ community & comes up with accurate content recommendations by analyzing the patterns in the data.

Types Of Recommendation Systems-

Recommendation Systems can be broadly classified into two different types, namely

  • Content-Based Recommendation Systems

This system analyzes users’ historical data and comes up with recommendations similar to those that users had earlier watched.

  • Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems

This system analyzes user’s data & comes up with recommendations based on the similar profiles of its users.

The same approach can be seen in other online streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc.  Get to know more about such prominent use cases of Data Science with Kelly Technologies Data Science training program.

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