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Data Science Career Opportunities- What Jobs Can Data Scientists Do?

Data Science skills are the hottest skills in-demand and the role of a Data Scientist is considered as the “Sexiest Job Title of 21st Century”. Speaking of Data Science job-roles, most of the people have a misconception that these roles are limited to handling enterprises big data strategy, such as a product or service but in reality the role of Data Scientist differs from that of a Data Analyst or a Data Engineer. If you are keen towards excelling in a career in Data Science then be a part of our advanced Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s have a look at the different job-roles that are handled by Data Science experts.

  • Data Scientist

Data Scientists are the most in-demand data analytical professionals and these experts need to have a strong business acumen & skills in handling the latest data analytical tools and data processing techniques. Data Scientists usually play a crucial role in the enterprises decision making process to make informed business decisions.

Skills Needed to Be A Data Scientist:

Skill Sets that are crucial to excel in a career as a Data Scientist include R, MatLab, SQL, Python, and other complementary technologies.

  • Data Analyst

These professionals will be handling tasks related to data visualisation, data munging, and data processing of large volumes of mostly unstructured messy data. They also need to perform queries on the databases from time to time

Skills Needed to Be A Data Analyst:

Skill Sets that are crucial to excel in a career as a Data Analyst include SQL, R, SAS, Python, etc.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are growing in popularity & have in-depth knowledge of latest technologies like SQL, REST APIs, et. These professionals are capable of developing data models that can make accurate predictions.

Skills Needed to Be A Machine Learning Engineer?

Skill sets that are crucial to excel in a career as Machine Learning Engineer technologies like Java, Python, JS, etc. These professionals also have intense Statistical and Mathematical.

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