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How to Find the Right DevOps Tools?

DevOps is currently the most predominantly used software development process that combines software development and operational processes. The term DevOps can be interpreted as the combination of cultural philosophies, automation practices, and tools. By deploying DevOps process, enterprises can enhance their ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity compared to the traditional waterfall based software development approach. DevOps ensures this by eliminating the soils between the development and operation teams & makes the process agile.

Inside the DevOps model, we can see the software development and operations teams working together throughout the software development lifecycle process. In some DevOps models we can see quality assurance and security teams working in collaboration with the development and operations teams’ right from the beginning of the software development process till it gets released into the market. To build expertise in handling the roles and responsibilities of a DevOps expert, you can be a part of ouradvanced DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

Finding the Right DevOps Tools:

The extent of success of any DevOps model relies heavily on how effectively the teams make use of DevOps tools.

  • Planning

DevOps teams need to make use of advanced task tracking & schedule planning tools Schedule to be clearly aware of what tasks are pending, what tasks are currently being executed, These tools can help in determining tasks that are  falling behind schedule. Confluence and Jira are among the most extensively ued DevOps tools for planning. 

  • Build & Delivery

DevOps process support developers with rapid deployment through automated continuous testing process. Most of the DevOps teams make use of Docker containerization for repeatable development, build, test, and production environments. Kubernetes, Chef, Ansible, and Puppet are among the most extensively used DevOps build and Delivery tools.

  • Testing

Testing process in DevOps is continuous and automated are it relies heavily on tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, and GitLab CI.

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