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Challenges In DevOps Implementation 

Over the last 10 years, the number of companies that are adopting DevOps has significantly raised. DevOps software delivery practices are best trusted for improving the enterprises workflow and productivity. Previously to DevOps adoption, the relation between the cross functional teams who are working on the same project used to be soiled & there exists a number of challenges related to infrastructure and legacy systems. All these issues have been best addressed with DevOps.

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Now, let’s have a look at top challenges which enterprises need perfectly handle for a successful DevOps implementation.

  • Culture

Solution- DevOps is a major cultural change from the age-old traditional software delivery practices. So, to successfully deploy DevOps, enterprises should work towards building a collaborative culture with shared goals. To achieve this, enterprises should recruit the best talent in DevOps.

  • Test Automation

Solution- Automation is undoubtedly the most curial aspect of DevOps implementation. SO, instead of completely focusing on CI/CD deployments, enterprises should also be focusing on deploying automation throughout of software delivery process especially in testing.

  • Legacy Systems

Solution- infrastructure maintenance and monitoring are also the key aspects in the DevOps plans. So, enterprises should work towards installing new hardware or software that can better support the teams.

  • App Complexity

Solution- To reduce the complexity in the application development process, enterprises should complete all the application architecture changes in its early stages based on on-premises, cloud, and containers.

  • No DevOps Plan

Solution– Without having a perfect strategy in hand achieving success with DevOps is close to impossible. Enterprises should build a perfect strategy which should include milestones, project owners, and well-defined deliverables.

  • Managing Environments

Solution- There are a number of third party tools & technologies which can be integrated with DevOps environments like cloud sandboxes and other tools. Enterprises also need to set their focus on managing their integrated environments. Apart from these, handling the challenges related to managing tools & allocation of budget should also be taken care of by the enterprises.

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