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Steps To Achieve Success With Your DevOps Workflow

The DevOps movement has gained a significant prominence over the last few years & its impact is nowhere near to slow down. Most of the top the giants like Adobe, Amazon, Target, and Walmart rely on DevOps software delivery process to release reliable products faster to the market.

DevOps is software delivery culture which focuses on empowering the enterprises software delivery process by combining Development and Operation teams who are responsible for production operations to work in collaboration. Agile workforce is the idea that led to the innovation of DevOps agile software delivery process.  As per the survey reports, enterprises that have adopted DevOps in their workflow process are able to deploy software 200 times more frequently compared to those enterprises that still rely on traditional software delivery practices. Want to know how DevOps practices help the enterprises in achieving continuous software delivery? If so, join us for the best DevOps Training In Hyderabad program at Kelly Technologies. 

Now, let’s take a look at the steps that help the enterprises to achieve success with their DevOps workflow process.

Eliminate The Policies That Distances Software Development & IT-

The rate of success in the enterprises DevOps adoption depends on the extent of freedom they are giving to empower the development & operation teams. Unless the teams start working together by breaking down the walls achieving success with DevOps would be nowhere near.

Focus On The ‘Why,’ Not Just The ‘How’-

Most of the enterprises tend to focus on how (are we doing it right?) rather than focusing on why (are we doing the right thing?). The success in DevOps relies on identifying the bottlenecks & working towards rectifying them.

Giving Importance To Automation-

DevOps focuses on shifting the enterprises from their traditional software development and operations practices to adopting more reliable agile & automated workflows. The extent of automation would surely impact the rate of success in your DevOps strategy. 

Feedback Loops For Efficiency-

Deploying quality automation wouldn’t just be enough; you need to have continuous feedback from production back to development, design, and product management. Reliable feedback system is very crucial to achieve success with DevOps.

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