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Career Transition From A Software Engineer Role To Data Scientist-Explained

The abundance availability of data in various forms is now presenting the IT, Corporate & Business enterprises with several new opportunities that would help them stay competitive. By analyzing the insights from the data with the help of Data Science, enterprises can avail varied benefits like better resource management, better customer relations, effective risk management, enhanced profits & many more. Organizations these days are readily investing on Data Science to stay ahead of their competitors. There’s no wonder why the whole wants to move into Data Science.

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Speaking of building a career in Data Science the most commonly heard question here is how to successfully transit your career into Data Science if you belong to the profession of a Software Engineer.

In this post, let’s discuss how to successfully transit your career from a Software Engineer profession to the role of a Data Scientist.

The following are the essential skills that help towards achieving a successful career transition from Software Engineer role to Data Scientist

Basic Probability & Statistics-Get started by brushing your skills in the probability & statistics concepts. Both these aspects will be playing a crucial role in the job role of a Data Scientist

SQL- Being a Software Engineer, you must surely be aware of SQL language & most of you might have already worked on this in ORM to interact with different databases. Get in-depth knowledge of SQL concepts like window functions, CTEs, triggers, good SQL style guide, and so on

Modeling- Understanding the basics of data modeling concepts are also crucial. Rigorous hands-on expertise is needed in order to excel in handling them. 

Data Visualization- The Data Science process isn’t complete until the extracted insights are turned into attractive visuals. So having skills in this regard is very crucial.

Reporting- Reporting the findings among the team members is a very crucial step. Having sound communication skills are very crucial in this regard.

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