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Benefits Of Using Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager

Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager which is simply known as Amazon WAM is an advanced feature of AWS cloud services that showcase advanced features like fast, flexible, and secure. Users can now easily deploy and manage applications across Amazon WAM. With the advent of Amazon WAM, the software deployment process has received a boost with rapid upgrades, patching, and retirement of applications.

With Amazon WAM, users can also build an application catalog which comprises of multiple third party applications which they have obtained license. Also, as the pay model in AWS is pay as you go, users will only be paying for the applications which they have used. Work towards better understanding of the concepts of Amazon WAM by being a part of the Kelly Technologies advanced cloud based learning program of AWS Training In Hyderabad.

In this post, let’s take a look at the benefits of using Amazon WAM.

Easily Manage Applications At Scale-

AS mentioned earlier, Amazon WAM provisions desktop applications to WorkSpaces in the form of virtualized app containers. The noticeable aspect here is that, Amazon WAM maintains a strong centralized control, security, and compliance. All the upgrades, patching, and retirement of the applications is also taken care of by Amazon WAM.

Curate A Wide Range Of Applications-

With the help of Amazon WAM enterprises can easily package their Microsoft Windows applications so that it could be deployed to their users. At the same time, it also supports its users in building application catalog of third party applications for which they have obtained the license.

Visibility & Control-

With Amazon WAM, users can easily track the usage of multiple applications in real-time so that they would be paying only for those sepicfic services which they made use of. Users can easily manage license usage by applications, versions, users, or groups.

Low Cost-

Amazon WAM features simple, pay as you go, monthly, per-user pricing.

There’s no wonder why AWS is having such a massive customer base around the world.

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