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Blockchain Drving The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Blockchain is among the most advancing technologies of the 21st century. Experts have coined Blockchain as the leading revolutionary technology which can be an adviser the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution.

The advent of Bitcoin based digital revolution is further acting as a catalyst for the uprising demand for Blockchain.  If you are new to BItcoin then let us tell you that Blockchain is the decentralized network which is the basic infrastructure for Bitcoin which has become quite revolutionary across the banking and financial sectors.

With the advancements over the years Blockchain has become more robust delivering applications along distributed ledger cloud perform, solidity programming language, etherium, and Bitcoin crypto-currency & many more. According to the recent research on world economic, 10% of the world’s GDP will get to be on Blockchain technology in the near future.

Outstanding Applications of Blockchain-

Blockchain is quite popular for Bitcoin & apart from it; Blockchain can be used for a wide variety of applications such as digital assets, tracking ownership, physical assets & many more. It is also disrupting the traditional banking services by creating several newer aspects which are reinventing banking with offering superior customer experience and 90% fewer resources.

Let’s have a look at some of the most promising applications of the Blockchain technology

  • Blockchain For Social Media

Blockchain technology is now playing a significant role towards making the social media platforms become more reliable. It helps social media platforms to verify information & news, for a better control mechanism, to safeguard users privacy, handling online crowd funding & also helps in improving peer-to-peer sales across various social media platforms.

  • Blockchain For Smart Cities

Blockchain technology contributes to the development of smart cities with advanced applications like smart power generation, enables secured voting from one’s own residence & many more.

  •  Blockchain For Business

Blockchain empowers business with several applications like decentralized consensus, smart contracts, proof of work and many more   Get to know more about this trending Blockchain technology by being a part of Kelly Technologies industry relevant learning program of Blockchain Training In Hyderabad.

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