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Reinforcement Learning In Artificial Intelligence-Explained

Reinforcement Learning is an advanced concept in Artificial Intelligence which has a great potential to empower businesses. In this blog post let us have a clear look at what exactly is Reinforcement Learning & its practical uses in the present time.

Defining Reinforcement Learning-

Reinforcement Learning refers to goal-oriented algorithms, where a particular “agent” learns to accomplish specific objective or goal while maximizing a set “reward” over many steps. This process involves sequential steps that are intended to resolve a problem. Its primary objective is to learn by Reinforcement Learning examples.

This process is like starting with a blank slate & then work towards reaching the goal, under the right conditions.

Reinforcement Learning in Artificial Intelligence-

While coming to Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning can be interpreted as a dynamic programming that teaches you algorithms using a system of reward and punishment.

Another advanced concept which you need to look out here is Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL). This is a fast evolving subdivision of Artificial Intelligence which works towards solving most of the complex problems.

Applications of Reinforcement Learning-

The applications of Reinforcement Learning have spread across multiple domains. Some of the most fascinating applications of Reinforcement Learning are Robotics, Chatbots, and Self-Driving Cars.

Let’s have a look at how Reinforcement Learning is transforming different industries

  • Robotics & Industrial Automation

Reinforcement Learning helps in delivering a value to RPA technology. It enables the robot to autonomously discover an optimal behaviour by implementing the trial-and-error interactions with its environment.

  • Data Science & Machine Learning

Most of the Data Scientists makes use of Reinforcement Learning technique to make the process of designing neural network architectures easier.

  • Education & Training

Reinforcement Learning is also playing crucial role in the education & training sector by delivering the students the best virtual classrooms based learning environment. The integration of Reinforcement Learning & Machine Learning methods there have lead to revolutionary changes in the online tutoring systems and personalized learning systems.

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