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AWS Features That Lead Its Widespread Popularity

Amazon Web Services is a pioneer industry leader in the cloud computing sector with expected annual revenue of over $10 billion. Even though AWS is facing a stiff competition from the other leading cloud computing service providers like Google and Microsoft, AWS has still managed to become the leading market share of IaaS cloud market share.

AWS is having over several millions of customer base round the world who have subscribed to its more than a thousand cloud services. The primary reason for the epic rise in the demand for AWS is due to its strict data security policies that safeguard its customers’ data from any form of threats. With advanced security systems & multilevel threat detection models, Amazons’ AWS is undoubtedly the most secured cloud computing platform.

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Now, let’s look at some of the distinct features of AWS that contributed to its wide-spread popularity.

  • Pay-Per Use Pricing Model

AWS has adopted a pay-per use pricing model that lets its users to pay only for the particular service which they have used that too over a particular period time. This type of cost effective pricing model by AWS is the primary reason why it now the most liked cloud platform for the startup enterprises.

  • Superior Performance

The performance of AWS cloud models is on par superior to any other cloud service provider. AWS cloud solutions come with very high processing speeds using which developers can build any complex application within short span of time intervals.

  • Security

AWS is having a multilevel security model that helps in detecting & preventing all forms of threats. AWS also lets its users to grant permission & restrict the access to sensitive data. AWS frequently upgrades its security models.

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