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What’s Next For Data Science In Healthcare?

The Healthcare & Biotechnology industry is getting transformed like never before with the implementation of Data Science. Most of the large biotech & pharmaceutical companies, hospitals & university research centres are working hand-in-hand in achieving this digital transformation in the healthcare sector through Data Science.

Most of the medical & healthcare experts are relying heavily on the predictive models in Data Science to make accurate predictions about their patience health like if they are facing the risk of getting affected by any disease in the future. 

Smart Data Science & AI-powered medical advisory applications are contributing a lot towards the development healthcare index in the rural and remote areas. Also, by using analytics models in Data Science it has now become possible to provide customized therapies for different patient profiles, and to develop drugs for the unknown viruses like, Ebola, COVID-19 and other terminal diseases.

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Now, let’s look at how Data Science is transforming the Healthcare sector.

  • Accurate Diagnosis

As per a research conducted by BBC, it has been revealed that over 40,000 to 80,000 deaths occur annually around the world due to diagnostic errors. This is where Data Science has become very crucial. As we all are aware of the fact that Medical Imaging is very crucial for diagnosis of diseases & with the integration of Data Science in Medical Imaging, computers are now able to accurately interpret MRIs, X-rays, mammography’s, and other types of images. By accurately analyzing the patterns in the data, these systems can accurately detect tumors, artery stenosis or any other ailments.

  • Drug Discovery

Discovering new drugs for unknown ailments or viruses would cost up to $2.6 billion. It would also take about 12 years for a drug to finish all the clinical trials before it finally reaches market. However, with the implementation of Data Science, biotech experts can stimulate the reaction of a drug with body proteins and different types of cells and conditions. This approach isn’t just accurate but also saves a lot of time in discovering new drugs.

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