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Advantages Of Using Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing is one of the rapidly evolving technologies that is revolutionizing the IT, Corporate & Business enterprises in numerous areas. The word “cloud” can simply be interpreted as a means of storing or accessing data and programs over the internet unlike from the traditional way of using hard drives for the same. As pert the stats, cloud computing generated 127 billion dollars in 2016, and the experts are of the view that by the end of 2020 the cloud market share is expected to reach 500 billion dollars.

Most of the IT, Corporate & Business activities have now moved to the cloud, running in the cloud, accessed from the cloud. This is the simple reason why most of the enterprises are now in dire need for skilled talent in cloud.

Now most of you must be wondering, why the hype around cloud is & how exactly do the companies benefit from the Cloud Computing services.  

Let’s take a clear look at the advantages of using Cloud Computing services:

  • Fast Implementation

If you are well aware about the development process of an application, then you must have known that this process requires a lot of time to complete. Most of the applications take several months or even years develop & and run in the real-time environment. By making use of cloud, developers can now cut through the time and make things faster as they can easily deploy all the changes over the internet in the cloud. Even the application updates can be deployed rapidly over the cloud.

  • Instant Scalability

One of the best reasons for the use of cloud services is that they are highly scalable. Whenever the user requires he can scale up the services resources and once he’s done with it he can simply scale down the resource. Users will only be paying for what they have used.

  • Access Anywhere

Applications that are developed in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere over the internet. So you can easily work from a remote location.

  • No Upfront Costs

Using the cloud computing services users doesn’t need to spend on purchase necessary hardware, setting up the architecture, obtaining the licenses etc,. Cloud services have no upfront costs.

  • Better Security

Cloud offers the best security & ensures privacy for the users data & so they have got nothing to worry about. All the data gets stored in a secured centralized location.

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