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Advanced Analytics Services Offered By AWS-Explained 

Amazon Web Services is one among the leading cloud computing service provider which delivers on-demand computing resources to the clients over the internet. In addition to high computing power, AWS also offers numerous tools for a variety of applications. The sheer number of tools offered by AWS is no doubt overwhelming but however, there’s a lot of chance for the users to get confused towards understanding which tools are worth using.

In this blog post we will give you a clear idea on advanced cloud based analytics services delivered by AWS.

  • Amazon Athena

It exhibits features like fast, server less & works using standard SQL queries. It enables interactive analysis of data in S3 or Glacier.

  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

With the help of Amazon EMR processing big data becomes easier with the help of using Spark and Hadoop. It is a managed service and provides managed notebooks for data science and data engineering applications.

  • Amazon Kinesis

With Amazon Kinesis users can easily aggregate and process streaming data in real time, this means as soon as the data arrives in the data lake user can perform analytics. The multiple benefits of using Amazon Kinesis are website clickstreams, application logs, and telemetry data from IoT devices.

  • Amazon Elastic Search

With Amazon Elastic Search managing data for operational analytics becomes quite easier. The APIs are easy to use and the service is fast, scalable and highly available.

  • Amazon Quick Sight

Amazon supports visualization applications your analytics, with dashboards that you can access remotely from a browser or mobile device through Amazon Quick Sight.

Apart from these there are several other third party tools making use of which Amazon offers the best cloud based analytics applications for its users.

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