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Achieving Digital Bliss With Service Thinking & DevOps

DevOps is a new culture in the IT software delivery process which emphasizes towards aligning development cycles with ongoing operational demands to achieve better & more reliable production outcomes. DevOps is undoubtedly a crucial process that would ensure towards safely moving the enterprise to a more digital footing.

By successfully deploying DevOps in the enterprises workflow, enterprises recovery time has got improved over 22 times & whereas the failure rates have gone down three times. So, it’s quite clear that why most of the high performing enterprises are bound to use DevOps. With DevOps, enterprises not only stay competitive but will also be outperforming their competitors. Understand how DevOps adoption leads to empowering the enterprises productive outcomes by being a part of the Kelly Technologies highly acclaimed DevOps Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s take a look at how enterprises can achieve digital bliss with DevOps.

Don’t Let The IT Vendors Drive The CIO Agenda-

In the IT industry, most of the IT vendors view the IT leaders as the potential buyers for their technology tools. This approach has a great impact on how IT professionals look considers their job roles. To benefit the business at large, IT leaders should work towards enhancing their customer value rather working on extensive automation of resources as expected by techies.

Instead of going forward with the view that business growth is largely dependent on the extent of technology usage provided by IT vendors, enterprises should start focusing towards building effective CIO business strategies in addition to DevOps automation strategy

Look To Virtual Computing Capability And The Cloud-

A major portion of the IT which are offered to business like workload management, security, backup and availability can now be delivered online via cloud. Enterprises that work towards achieving continuous delivery & better operational management can now rely on the virtual computing capabilities of the cloud platforms.

Institutionalize DevOps & Make Your IT Agile-

Until the advent of DevOps, enterprises haven’t been consistent with organizational goals, DevOps can better address the mismanaged priorities, organizational dysfunctions, poor collaboration between the cross functional teams. By making the cross functional teams to work together towards achieving a common goal DevOps makes the IT software delivery process more agile.

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