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3 Unique Features Of AWS. Why Amazon Web Services Is More Popular?

Amazon Web Services which is shortly known as AWS is one among the most revolutionary technologies in the cloud computing industry. In response to its highly secured & scalable cloud services it has gathered a lot of hype & emerged out becoming a leading force ruling the global cloud industry. AWS is currently the major share holder ruling global IAAS market share. 

Why Companies Are Behind AWS Cloud Computing Services?

The extensive features of AWS that lead to its impeccable demand for its cloud computing services are

  • Self Service Provisioning

From the data warehousing to distribution tools, over 50 services are available in just a few mouse clicks in AWS without investing the huge capital it is allowing enterprises and start-up companies as well.

  • Elasticity

Companies can extend computing need and bring down again as demand decrease. This avoids the need for enormous investments in local infrastructure which may or may not survive.

  • Security Recognizing Technique

Security in the cloud is recognized in the best way. Broad security authorization, certification, and data encryption, etc. These are all the security modules which contribute it in a more secure way to manage IT business infrastructure.

  • Unbelievable Power of Amazon’s Cloud

AWS delivers a wide range of cloud services over the internet which are being used extensively by big IT & corporate organizations, startups, banking & as well as government organizations.

Cloud services delivered by Amazon web companies AWS cloud infrastructure

AWS Cloud Computing Services:

  • Compute & Networking Services
  • Storage & Content Delivery Services
  • Security & Identity Services
  • Database Services
  • Analytics Services
  • Application Services
  • Management Tools

Booming Job Market for AWS Certified AWS Cloud Professionals

Over the past two years, the number of job vacancies for the skilled AWS professionals has almost tripled as more and more number of companies are in dire need for skilled AWS professionals.

5 of the most in demand AWS job roles

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professionals
  • AWS Certified Developer- Associate
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator –Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professionals

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