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Big Data Technologies That Empower Hadoop-Explained

Hadoop Training

We are living in the world surrounded by data. We have come across a long way from implementing age-old analog methodologies for saving and processing the information to making use of digital formats for storing and processing of information. In simpler words, the world is slowly getting transformed into being more of digitalized format.

The best thing about getting into digitalization is that all the necessary information can be permanently stored in the form of data which will remain forever being indestructible unless altered. This has greatly increased the usage of data leading to problems related to Big Data.  The best technology which is in use for handling the problems related to Big Data is Hadoop.  Hadoop is an open-source framework developed by the Apache foundation for handing all the complex challenges related to Big Data. 

Features possessed by Hadoop-

Advanced features showcased by Big Data Hadoop technology are Flexibility In Data Processing, Easily Scalable, Fault Tolerant, Distributed Storage, Robust ecosystem, Cost effective

Now let us look at the technologies that empower Big Data Hadoop

  • Apache Spark

It is an excessively agile, secure and scalable Big data compute engine that is accomplished enough to work on a broad variety of applications like real-time machine learning.

  • Apache Storm

A Storm application has designed a topology in the shape of a directed acyclic graph (DAG) with spouts and bolts acting as the graph vertices. It is a distributed processing framework.

  • MangoDB

It is also the open source, a cross-platform document-oriented database program. The fields in MangoDB document can be listed with the primary and secondary indicator.

  • Cassandra

It is an appropriated system to handle extremely big amounts of data that is stored across various commodity servers. The trademark of this data management system is high availability with no single point of failure.

Most Popular Job Roles Available For Hadoop Certification-

A look at the most popular job roles that are available for Hadoop certification

  1. Hadoop Developer
  2. Hadoop Architect
  3. Hadoop Tester
  4. Hadoop Administrator
  5. Data Scientist

The technology of Hadoop is always fascinating. Get to know more about this in-trend Big Data technology by being a part of Kelly Technologies Hadoop Training In Hyderabad.

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