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AWS Training

There are many hurdles and challenges to overcome in the journey to the cloud. AWS can help in your journey to the cloud, as customers will realize the benefits of automating operations for both the cloud and hybrid environments. However, the advantages offset the hardship: faster innovation, cost reductions, and more satisfied customers. After all, in this competitive digital marketplace, it’s the innovators that often capture the hearts and minds of customers.

Automating with AWS Cloud Formation-

AWS Cloud Formation is a managed service that enables you to describe and provision cloud infrastructure in your cloud environment using a common language. AWS Cloud Formation Templates (CFTs), can be written in JSON or YAML, and edited with any text editor.

Automation with Cloud Formation and Moogsoft AIOps-

For successful migration to the cloud things should be approached in a different way. This cloud migration involves becoming accustomed to new processes, new tools & new teams.  Also, automation is a critical factor that contributes to the success in the process of overall cloud migration. Moogsoft and AWS are doing our parts to help make the operational aspects as comfortable as possible. 

A Look At The Cloud Formation Stack:

  • Creates a repeatable and consistent deployment blueprint
  • Shortens the implementation duration
  • Codifies best practices
  • Allows for iterative growth of expanded automation capabilities
  • Automates the installation of Moogsoft AIOps

This is all achieved by filling out a few input parameters for the Cloud Formation Template and then letting the automation complete.

The end outputs of moving the CloudFormation template results a fresh Moogsoft AIOps install and all necessary integration configurations to join the services such as Cloudwatch. Within the MoogsoftAIOps Situation room, the sessions from Cloudwatch have been ingested along with algorithmic noise reduction and clustering.

With this easy step completed, IT Operations will now have visibility into the applications and infrastructure running in the AWS cloud environment. As the cloud migration continues, you can be assured that AWS and Moogsoft will be providing valuable insights into the service delivery of your cloud-based applications and services.  Know the best technological advancements in the cloud computing technology with Kelly Technologies AWS Training In Hyderabad.

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