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Data Engineer vs Data Analyst vs Data Scientist- What’s Your Career Choice?

Most Widely Used Tools In Hadoop Ecosystem For Crunching Big Data

It’s a well accepted fact that new & innovative technologies will be taking over from the existing technologies which mostly have become obsolete. If you don’t wish to lose the pace of your career development then you probably want to work in ‘Big Data’.

Big Data is currently the in-trend technology which has been quite successful in revolutionizing the world in several aspects. In order to step into the world of Big Data, all that one need to have is interest in statistics & willing to learn how to code. If you are having prior knowledge of high level mathematical operations then it will be of great help in this context.

Classifying Job Roles In Big Data:

Big Data job roles can be classified into different types. Before benefiting from the enormous levels of data, it has to be extracted, analyzed & visualized. Several other processes are also involved & all the entire procedure depends on several algorithms & tools.

Different sorts of data professionals are engaged at different stages namely Data Engineer, Data Analyst & Data Scientist.

Now let’s have a clear understanding of what exactly will be the job role of these professionals.

Data Engineer

The job role of Data Engineer is to deal with the representation & movement of data so that it is consumable and usable. If you’re a data engineer you need to take the raw data, clean it, move it into a database, tag it, and generally make sure it’s ready for the next stage of the process

The programming languages & set of skills that are needed for this platform are Apache Spark, Scala, Docker, Java, Hadoop, and Kubernetes NiFI.

Data Analyst

The second stage of data processing involves the role of a Data Analyst. The role of a Data Analyst is to interface with the business to find out what’s required of the data and developing visualisations that allow the business to easily interpret what the data says.

It is the role of the Data Analyst to interpret with the information encrypted inside the data & to make it useful for the business. Machine Learning modelling or its deployment is not greatly involved in the job role of a Data Analyst.

Data Analysts should be having knowledge of handling RapidMiner predictive analytics software and Postgresql, an open source relational database.

Data Scientist

The role of a Data Scientist involves interfacing heavily with the business & to work in coordination with Data Engineers. They greatly rely on advanced Machine Learning algorithms for the purpose of creating easy to use visualisations that suit the business’s needs.

Data Scientists are responsible for presenting suggestions that are relevant to the business by analyzing the data in hand.

Data Scientists are responsible for presenting suggestions that are relevant to the business by analyzing the data in hand.

Along with intense knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms & statistical skills, a Data Scientist should also need to have good data visualization & presenting skills.

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