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Artificial Intelligence-Here’s How AI Is Making A Major Impact in 21st Century

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Artificial Intelligence is considered be a major game changing technology across various domains. And if believed to the view of the experts AI is expected to contribute a whopping $17 trillion to the global economy within the next decade.

Let us have a look at how AI has impacted various domains so far

Increased Automation

Automation exists to substitute most of the repetitive & monotonous jobs performed by humans with smart machines. Automation of resources is manly to enhance the quality and quantity of output at a reduced cost. The technology of AI is now playing a key role in deploying automation more rapidly & effectively. With the advent of AI the process of automation has become quite easier & it has become possible to automate anything ranging from tasks that involve extreme labor to the process of recruitment.

Increased Productivity

AI powered smart automated machines helps in streamlining the production force into producing quality products faster and more efficiently. This smart streamlined workforce will also be sharing critical information that helps help managers to make more informed business decisions.

Smart Decision Making

No wonder business managers these days are able to take smart & reliable decisions with a great consistency. Driven by advanced Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and predictive modeling business managers are now able to use analytics insights for forecasting market behavior that helps them in making smart decisions.

Disaster Management

Natural calamities cause several variables to constantly shift that may or may not catch human attention but can’t be missed by AI. Also, with the use of AI it becomes possible to scrape information from millions of social media posts and clue rescue workers in to the hardest hit areas and people in the most need.

Global Defense

The applications of AI have also created a great impact in the defense sector. The future war systems are more likely to be dominated by unmanned AI systems. AI can provide military with strategic, operational and tactical advantage over the enemy through precise data analysis, information processing and intelligence analysis.

Change In Lifestyle

The change in lifestyle from the past 20th century & the present 21st century can be clearly observed & with the advent of AI our day-to-day lifestyle has changed even more gracefully. AI based virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa in our smart phones have proven to be of great help.

Within the years to come AI is expected to revolutionize the world to a whole new level thus opening the scope for now world of innovative & challenging career opportunities.

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