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Why Should You Learn DevOps in 2021?

The field of DevOps can be interpreted as the latest invention or trend in the enterprises software development process. In a DevOps environment, the cross-functioning teams in the enterprises software development process like developers, operations and other staff would be working collectively towards achieving shared responsibilities to ensure that the software will run effectively and efficiently. Today, most of the enterprises that are associated with the software/application development industry are relying on DevOps to stay competitive and achieve their desired software development goals.

Currently, the job roles in DevOps have become a lucrative career option and the job roles in this field are highly innovative and challenging especially the role of DevOps Engineer. You can prepare yourself towards building a successful career in DevOps with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad course. Now, let’s have a look at the topmost reasons why you should consider learning DevOps in 2021.

Benefits of Learning DevOps in 2021:

  • A Smart Career Option

As per a report by the Forbes magazine, DevOps specialists have been termed as the most in-demand job roles right next to Data Science. On an average, DevOps professionals can expect salary as high as $ 106,734 and more. If believed to the experts view, over the next five years, DevOps is expected to become the main hiring criteria for 46% of the IT companies.

  • AI & Machine Learning In the DevOps Framework

Everyone must be clearly aware of the buzz around the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and with the advent of DevOps, AI & Ml technologies have become an integral part of the software development pipeline.

  • Hottest IT Skill in Demand:

DevOps skills are among the hottest IT skills in-demand and many IT recruitment companies are actively hiring skilled DevOps professionals and this trend is expected to continue over the next decade as well.

If you are willing to launch your career in DevOps then join us for our authentic DevOpstraining program.

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