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Why Is The Craze For Hadoop Across The Big Data Industry?

Hadoop follows a predefined set of guiding principles and methodologies that contribute to techniques for effective data management. It has acquired the best set of pre-defined tools and algorithms in its arsenal which is the result of continuous development & research on Hadoop by Apache Foundation. With the help of these tools Hadoop has become quite handy to store & process large volumes of data sets no matter how much complex and ambiguous the data may be.

Prominence Of Hadoop:

Hadoop functionality involves working on a lot of complex data management functioning. Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Data Science and as well as Data Analytics are those technical fields more or less which makes use of Hadoop applications.

As per the recent stats, the growth of Hadoop industry is growing at a rate of 10% each year and its impact is felt across the majority of global IT, business & industrial sectors

Specialized Features OF Hadoop Which Let To Its Demand-

Here below is the list of some of the most outstanding features of Hadoop the lead to the present impending demand

  • Hadoop possess higher degree of computing power  
  • Hadoop facilitates storing and processing of relatively large sets of data
  • It effectively handles different formats of data ranging from organized format to the unorganized format of data
  • It processes full tolerance towards all sorts of data management errors
  • Hadoop shows the highest degree of flexibility in its functioning
  • Being highly scalable is another highly benefiting aspect of Hadoop
  • Also, providing low-cost data management functions is what that made Hadoop such a prominent data management resource

Extensively Used Hadoop Functioning Frameworks-

Hadoop Common: Gives the common utilities that support the other Hadoop modules

Hadoop Distributed File System: Provides high throughput to access different applications data.

Hadoop YARN: Framework used for the cluster resource management

Hadoop MapReduce Used for parallel processing of enormous sets of data

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