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Why Does Data Science & Data Scientist Matter A Lot In 2019?

Data Science is having a great impact on the preset day world which is completely surrounded by data. The rise in the demand for Data Science has in turn led to the rise in the demand for the demand for Data Scientists. There’s now wonder why Data Scientists have now become a integral part of brands, businesses, public agencies and non-profit organisations.

Role of Data Scientist-

The job role of a Data Scientist involves interpreting with large sets of Big Data so as to discover relevant patterns and designs in them, so that they can be effectively utilized to realize future goals and objectives. As per the stats, over 90% of the data which is present in the world has just been created over the last 10 years.

Data Scientists possess knowledge of various analytics & predictive models. They also posses extensive skills for handling sophisticated tools & algorithms in their inventory which helps them in understanding data in a proper manner & the same is reflected in their rising salaries as well.

In this blog post let’s help you in knowing the reasons why both Data Science & Data Scientists matter a lot

 Reasons Why Data Science Is So Important-

Data Science makes it easy for the enterprises to towards understanding their customers in a much enhanced and empowered manner. Data Science analytics & predictive models helps businesses to understand the changes in their customers interest & other valuable metrics that would help them deliver high end customer satisfactory services.

One other major reasons that led to the rise in the demand for Data Science is that its findings and results can be applied to almost any sector like travel, healthcare and education among others. This makes it possible to address the challenges in a more effective & reliable manner.

To explain the benefits of Data Science in short

  • Improves customer retention by analyzing the triggering factors of  churn
  • Targeting customers with the right sales messages at the right time
  • Informing product development by looking at how people use your products
  • Analyzing customer sentiment on social media
  • Financial modelling

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