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Why DevOps Should Be Your Preferred Career Option?

The prominence of DevOps as a part of the enterprises software delivery process must be well evident to everyone. Back in the late ‘90s or at the begging 21st century, companies did not know what role DevOps engineers would play in their growth, but now, according to the Upskilling Report, DevOps positions are among the top positions that are being recruited. The demand for the DevOps skills is on the surge in the Indian software development industry & the DevOps job roles are on the rise.

As well as being needed for more than half of all technology jobs listed in the India, the findings also show that DevOps “salaries are rising to meet the demands of digital transformation projects and attract the best talent possible. Indeed, demand for DevOps in the Indian software/application development industry has increased significantly since the beginning of this year, unprecedented growth is expected in terms of the number of DevOps jobs in the coming decade. You become career-ready in DevOps with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

Getting Started with Career in DevOps:

To become indispensable in your career, you need to acquire a wide range of skills in multidisciplinary areas. DevOps engineers can start as DBA, system administrator, developer or QA because of the inherent desire to learn new tools. If you are planning to build a career at DevOps, you can see the career path for them as starting with a release manager and then moving on to other roles such as product manager, engineer, developer and developer manager.

The DevOps Course in Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies will help you develop core technical skills in DevOps that can get you hired instantly.

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