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 Who is A DevOps Engineer? What are the Benefits of Hiring DevOps Engineers?

Most of you must be clearly aware of the DevOps trend in the current IT and Software development industry. DevOps agile software development initiatives help enterprises in achieving benefits like Continuous Integration, Continuous Software Delivery, Faster Time to Market, Frequent Software Updates, etc. DevOps strategies not just help enterprises in staying competitive but also help them to keep up with the pace with the advancements and trends in the current IT/Software Development industry. DevOps Engineers have a critical role to play in the software delivery process. As a part of their job roles and responsibilities, DevOps Engineers need to work on the advanced cloud security solutions services as well.  

The growing demand for DevOps has led to the surge in the demand for DevOps Engineers. After Data Scientists, DevOps Engineers are considered to be the highest paid professionals in the IT & Software industry. A skilled DevOps Engineer can expect salary as high as $137,000 to $180,000. You can develop the top skills that get you hired in DevOps with DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

Who is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps Engineer is a skilled professional who sets the environment that favours the agile process. These professionals will bring the cross functioning teams on to the same page and also administrates the code releases.

Benefits of Having a DevOps Engineers:

Besides helping the enterprises stay agile and deliver software continuous, DevOps Engineers can also deliver other benefits like

  • Successfully deploys DevOps process in the organization
  • Eliminates soiled relations between the cross functioning teams
  • Improved operational support and faster fixes
  • Brings flexibility in the software development process
  • Makes the teams work towards achieving common goals and shared responsibilities

Prepare your career to face the core technical challenge in the DevOps Engineer job role and build a successful career in this field with our DevOps course.

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