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Who Exactly Is A DevOps Engineer?

DevOps is an advanced culture that is revolutionizing the enterprises’ software delivery workflow. Many organizations these days are relying on DevOps strategies to speed up their software delivery lifecycle process & for releasing updates more rapidly. Unlike the age-old traditional waterfall approach for the software delivery process, DevOps doesn’t have any setbacks & it empowers the organizations to serve their customers better & helps them in staying competitive.

To explain DevOps in simple terms, it can be interpreted as the IT software delivery process where the IT & Operation teams will be working in collaboration & better communication & different cross-functional teams will be working to achieve their shared goals. At present, the industry demand for skilled & certified DevOps Engineers is skyrocketing. Master the cognitive skills in DevOps & become the highest-paid DevOps Engineer by joining for advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program offered by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s get a clear idea about who exactly are DevOps Engineers & what do they do.

DevOps Engineer-

DevOps Engineers are the qualified IT professionals who will be working along with different cross-functional teams in the organization’s software delivery process to administrate code releases. DevOps Engineers have sound knowledge of software development & operation process workflow along with excellent soft skills to communicate and collaborate with the development, testing, and operations teams.

Inside the DevOps software delivery approach, the code gets associated with frequent incremental changes to integrate new features. This makes the deployment and testing process to be performed continuously throughout the software delivery lifecycle, so DevOps engineers must be skilled in handling automation tools that support the deployment & testing operations. One of the benefits of the DevOps software approach is that the code doesn’t require to be developed from scratch all the time. Still, however, DevOps Engineers must be having a basic knowledge of the most commonly used software development languages.

A DevOps engineer will work with development team staff to tackle the coding and scripting needed to connect elements of code, like libraries or software development kits.

How Much Does DevOps Engineers Earn?

DevOps Engineers are among the most in-demand professionals in the present 21st century. A skilled Junior DevOps Engineer in India is paid a salary as high as 11-12LPA.

This is the right time to work towards becoming a skilled & certified expert in DevOps. Be a part of the best DevOps training program by Kelly Technologies & master the core skills in DevOps that will get you hired successfully as a DevOps Engineer.

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