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Which Services In AWS Are Most Extensively Used By Enterprises?

Amazon Web Services is the most post most popular platform in the cloud technology that delivers on-demand cloud services at a low cost pay-per-use pricing model. The cloud services that are offered by AWS are best known for their high performance features like scalable service, compute power, secured database storage & other such prominent features. AWS is currently the pioneer cloud industry leader as it has successfully surpassed its competitors like Google & Microsoft.  

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What Makes AWS As The Ideal Cloud Service Provider?

The cloud solutions offered by AWS can be easily scalable as per the application needs. This simply means that whenever your application requires high computing power then you can simply scale up the resource power directly using the internet & whenever similarly the resource power can be scaled down. This feature saves a lot of money which makes it become the most reliable & cost effective cloud service provider. 

Let’s have a look at the most prominent cloud solutions in AWS for enterprises

  • Amazon EC2

If you are looking for the cloud solution with advanced storage options & that offers high security to your data than using Amazon EC2 service would the ideal choice. Its resource power can be scaled conveniently based on the applications requirement.

  • Amazon ELB

Most of the enterprises rely on Amazon ELB service to effectively monitor the performance of their applications. This application lets users to perform monitoring tasks uninterruptedly.

  • Amazon DynamoDB

Enterprises that have to deal with complex workflows are relying heavily on Amazon DynamoDB. This solution by AWS also offers enhanced data storage & processing functionality.

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