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What Makes DevOps As The Ideal Career Choice In 2020?

DevOps is a software delivery culture that has now taken the shape of a major revolution. By merging the cross-functional teams in the software development process to work together DevOps aims at empowering the enterprises’ software delivery process. Continuous Automation, Continuous Monitoring & Continuous Delivery are among the core essential aspects of DevOps software delivery process.

The surveys conducted by Gartner have shown that over the last five years there is steady growth in the number of enterprises around the world that are adopting the DevOps culture. Undoubtedly DevOps has now become a mainstream software development strategy for global enterprises. This surge in the demand for DevOps is making way for a plethora of new career opportunities for skilled professionals in this domain. Work towards mastering the cognitive skills in relation to DevOps & become an industry-ready expert by joining for the Best DevOps Training In Hyderabad program by our Kelly Technologies.

DevOps offers a variety of job roles that are not just high paying but also have numerous opportunities for career development.

Rise In The DevOps Job Opportunities-

As per the reports by, the number of job postings in relation to DevOps has increased up to 75 percent over the last five years. Linked has also mentioned that the number of searches for DevOps Engineers has increased by 50 percent & continuous to grow. As many enterprises have started relying on DevOps as a part of their software development process, the demand for skilled experts in this industry has gone skyrocketing.

Salaries & Trending DevOps Job Roles-

Skilled experts in DevOps can expert salary packages as high as $99,604. Some of the most in-demand job-roles in relation to DevOps are DevOps Engineer, DevOps Architect, Automation Engineer, Software Tester, Security Engineer, Integration Specialist & DevOps Release Manager.  

Essential Skills To Get Started With DevOps-

Being a multidisciplinary platform, excelling in a career in DevOps requires intense knowledge of coding, infrastructure, and configuration, testing & build and release. Also, to handle the challenges in the job roles in DevOps you need to be skilled in handling tools like Git, GitHub, Docker, Nagios, Ansible , etc. Join us for the best DevOps training program by expert trainers who are veterans in the DevOps industry to get transformed into industry-ready DevOps experts.

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