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What Makes Data Science Different From Business Analysis?

In this age of Big Data, enterprises that are efficient in using data analytical technologies are progressing very rapidly by reaping the benefits of Big Data to the full potential. The use of data analytical technologies can be seen in the industries across the verticals, especially in business, IT & Healthcare industries. Speaking of data analytical technologies, one of the common mistakes that people tend to make is that they often use Data Science & Business Analysis interchangeably. Misinterpretation of these two technologies can impact the business development at large. 

Differentiating Data Science vs Big Data Analytics-

Data Science-

The science of data that explores analytical algorithms, statistics, and technology is known as Data Science. Data Science works towards extracting actionable insights that are encrypted inside large volumes of structured and unstructured formats of Big Data. These insights can help in understanding the customer behaviour.

Data Scientists must understand how the tasks of data preparation relate to their data – the scientific workflows. Knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence is crucial for Data Scientists & you can become an expert Data Scientist with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Business Analytics-

Business Analyticsis purely related to the statistical study of structured business data. By analyzing the business data it aims towards finding solution to most of the complex business problems and roadblocks.

The problem that arises with these distinct technologies is that both of them are interchangeably being used in either of the above scenarios resulting in the wrong approach towards solving a problem leading to undesirable results.

Application of Data Science VS Business Analytics-

The extensive use of Data Science can be seen across varied domains like Finance, Internet Based, Academic, and many more.

Coming to Business Analytics, its applications include Finance, technology, CRM/Marketing, Retail and more. If you are keen towards excelling in a career in Data Analytics, then our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program would be an apt choice.

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